Sunday, June 14, 2009

Going Ons in the Hand Household.

May was a busy finishing up with school and the with Elijah and Zeke testing. Got to end the month of May with a great visit from my folks. It happened to ran everyday they were here but we made the best of it. One of the best parts was that they were here from my birthday.
My folks took Elijah and Zeke back to Oregon with them and they will return once I'm moved to Virginia. Its been nice just having my 3 youngest with me. I just had another great week with my sister Amanda. We had a great time and much better weather. We went to the beach twice, the pool, the zoo, shopping.
I've also been cleaning out different areas of the house to make sure nothing moves with me that I don't need. Just 2 weeks and my chapter in Florida will come to a close and a new chapter will begin.

JoAnna sporting a new dress and sunglasses. Ezra showing his personality.
Joshua mixing his love of baseball and cowboys.

JoAnna has been getting her 2 year old molars and quite disagreeable to be around but we caught her in one of her sweet moments. Giving her mommy a kiss.

With all the rain we had to get out of the house so we went to Dolphin Mall.

Elijah, Zeke and Pappy went to the Alligator Farm that's just 10 minutes from where we live and had a great time learning, seeing, touching the alligator. They even went for an air boat ride.

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