Wednesday, January 14, 2009


JoAnna got a bike for her Second birthday. She is crazy about her bike. Josh rides it will JoAnna allows. Josh will get a bike for his birthday next month. Ezra got a bike for Christmas. He rides it but in his slow, cautious fashion.

Zeke has moved on to my bike and Elijah has taken over the bike that Zeke got for Christmas. They were so hesitant to learn but once they did the can't imagine doing anything else. The next 7 days we are not going to get any hotter than 70 degree's. So the boys will be having a lot outside time enjoy the good cool weather.

We have finally got bikes for our kids. This house and neighborhood are the perfect fit to get the kids riding. Elijah and Zeke were older for learning to ride but the mastered it a few hours.

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