Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ezra's Field Trip

This is the end of the day they took a
class picture at the pumpkins. They gave the kids feed and let the goats out of the pen and the goats came and ate from the kids hands. Ezra stood strong a few other kids freaked out.
Ezra got to milk a goat.

Ezra waiting his turn to milk the goat.

Ezra's pony ride.

He did a great job wasn't scared a bit.

Ezra watching while the other kids take there pony ride.

The field trip was very hands on. The touched a pony.

Touched a goose.

JoAnna wanting out of her stroller and be a 5 year old too.

They also touched a chicken.

The field trip was to The Little Farm. They gave the kids lots of information and lots of hands on experiences. Luckily there were lots of parents to help man the kids because I had to deal with JoAnna. I have whole bunch of pictures of her at the field trip too.

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