Saturday, November 1, 2008


They are so excited and JoAnna's
right there feeding off her big brothers excitement.Having a fairy princess this year was so fun.

She stole every ones heart.

My little Cowboy Joshy was total in to and wanted to keep going .

Fairy Princess up close and personal. At this point she has had so M&M's.

She is sitting there with her basket to her right. I was trying to put the basket up and she was making it known that she was keeping that basket.:)

She walked up to the door and when the people said bye she would say "bye "back in her cute, adorable voice. And they would all say "ahhhhhh!"

Then the most handsome 9 year old ever was a Baseball Manager. Sporting the big gut.

Ezra was wearing his cuddle buddy. Its a monster face on the hood, a tail on the back, and claws at the hands. It his blanket that he sleeps with every night and it was his idea to wear it. Half way through he wanted to stop. He said his feet hurt. By the time we got home we realized why he was so tired. He had a full day of school and it took 2 hours to walk our neighborhood loop. They had fun and have so much candy in the house its crazy.
Eli isn't pictured but he stayed home and gave out candy. Our neighborhood was the happening place we ran out of candy.

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Bambi said...

Oh how cute! What sweet kids! Glad you guys had a great time.