Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Fun in the Pool!

JoAnna was finally tired of the goggles.
There she goes trying the goggles out in the pool. She didn't
put her head under.

There are on and she likes them.

So cute I can't stand it. What is she thinking about.
Man this little precious girl never falls to make me smile each and everyday.

Josh having a snake beside the pool.

Ezra enjoying his snack too. It was great to be together again.
Ezra and Eli had a no school teacher planning day.

Just trying to enjoy my kids everyday. I had been so focused on all things not going how I planned. Lately I have been again enjoying everyday life. It's easy to do once you stop looking to fill you own agenda. I love my kids and the Lord has shown me how its such a privilege that He let me raise me five great kids. Living for Jesus is the only way to live.

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