Sunday, September 21, 2008

Menu Monday!

Everything from this weeks menu is from my freezer. I have meat cooked and portioned out in 2 lbs. amounts. I make most all my bread or I get it from the day old bread store for so much cheaper. They have the healthy kinds there too now. I'll I bought was fresh veggies and fruit from the local farmer market. I also try to keep my pantry stocked with the item I usually use.
This last Saturday we had French Dip sandwiches. The roast cooked all day in the croc pot. I cooked a 3 lb. roast so I got two dinners and husbands lunch out it. I love cooking once and eating twice.
Sunday: More French Dip sandwiches, fresh peaches, and chips
Monday: Soft Taco's with all the fixings
Tuesday: Kielbasa sausage and potatoes is the croc pot, with streamed Broccoli
Wednesday: Lasagna, green beans and homemade bread
Thursday: Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
Friday: Left over or pizza and salad
Don't forget to check out for more receipes and menues.
Have a blessed week.

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Teachermom said...

What do you put in with the roast for the French Dip sandwiches? Sounds good! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)