Tuesday, September 23, 2008

~Found Memories of 2008! SO FAR~

If you you read my blog entry The Only Way to Live. I talked about how hard and challenging 2008 has been. Well I thought it appropriate to remember all the good that has happened in 2008 and I still have 3 months to go to add more wonderful memories.

Well January 2008 my daughter JoAnna turned one ( it feels so neat to type and say daughter ). Also in January my Nana and Papa from Independence, Oregon came for a visit. They are my kids great grandparents and have more energy than me most days.

Then in February Joshua turned 3. We bought a dinning table that seats 8 people so my whole family can sit around it together. You could sit more people around it if I hadn't picked out such big chairs to go with it, but the chairs are great.

With March we have another birthday Ezekiel turned 9. The weather was still cool enough to enjoy the out doors. I had lots of blessed days with my kids, staying home and baking cookies or just watching a movie together.

April started with another birthday Elijah turned 11. How did that happen. How do the grow so fast and were did the time go. Lots of schooling with the kids.

May came and our neighborhood pool was finally opened. We went 3 times a week most of May. We finished another year of homeschooling. JoAnna walked on her own on Mothers Day.

With June I turned 31 and had the best birthday I have had in a long time. My sister Amanda and her friend and now mine came to visit for the week before my birthday. It was a fabulous time.

That brings us to July the month Ezra turned 5. JoAnna and I then get a 10 day trip to Oregon to be in my sister Ali's wedding. It was beautiful and so was she.

August brought the start of school for two of my boys and Kevin's 31st birthday. He would have me not that pre-season football games start being played.

We are still in September but I will note that Kevin and I celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary. Was safely taken out of Ike's path. It been an amazing journey so far with the addition of 5 great blessing. Now I really got to buckle up and hold onto Jesus because in these next 12 years I will start raising teenagers.

I know I have left stuff out but I'm pretty proud of my list. My entire family had birthdays and are healthy. In these last few weeks I have gotten a tighter hold onto my Jesus and better grasp of who I am. That my confidence in myself comes from being a daughter of the King. I pray I make him proud and that I can make lots of more memories these last 3 months of 2008. It is my favorite time of the year.


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