Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Were IN!

We are in our first purchased house. The Kitchen in unpacked and everyone can find their clothes but everything else a work in progress. It's been 10 days and there is lots to do but I'm excited to see what this year unfolds. Its stange to think but this is the first house Joshua and Joanna will call home (remember). Joshua will be potty trained here. JoAnna will learn to crawl and walk here. Ezra will learn to read in this house and Elijah will mostly likely become a teenager in this house and Ezekeil will grow a few more inches at least. Lots of mile stones to look forward to lot of miles stones to pray over. I hope your fall is off to a good start. Mine is and full adventure I call feel it.
Thank you Lord for a beautiful new year and chance to spend my days with such great kids. Bless each of those who read this.Amen


Mylinda said...

Oh, Amy! Your home is beautiful! How exciting! I pray for many years of blessings in your new house that you and your family will make a home. Blessings to you all.

coach heath said...

Congrats! The house looks great in this picture. I hope the unpacking goes smoothly.

Jodi said...

Wow! How awesome and beautiful! So glad you are now more settled and can get on with the business of living!!
Miss you and hope things will just get more exciting and God filled every day for all of you.
Love Jodi