Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thankful for Faith!

Jesus loves you and cares about all your needs. In the book of Matthew it says do not worry about the food you need, the clothes, or the shelter that you need. We will be provided for. Guess what it goes beyond that. He care about each part of your day. So begin to talk (pray) with Him through out your day. It doesn't mean you wont have to sit in traffic again or have a good park spot every time your out but you will be calmer and even more grateful when traffic is lighter or you turn the corner and there is a parking spot front and center waiting for you. Say a prayer of thanks and keep praying to Him and listening to Him. You can only be better for it.
I don't always do this myself. But I was prompted today to start doing it again. I will keep you posted of the little miracles and big ones that He has answered for me.

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