Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tired Tuesday

It's been another long day. I lost my cool with the kids again and feeling like I will never get everything packed and cleaned. How much change can a person handle. If I'm being tested I'm failling misrably. I don't have the joy of the Lord or patience, or understanding. The VA is waiting for a piece of paper before we can close on the house. The land lord is calling wanting me out by the 25th. The boys had there first baseball clinic for fall baseball (2 1/2 hours long) and Kevin had to start mids tonight. I'm starting to feel completely overwelmed. I'm going to wait on my Jesus for strenghth and patience. During the day while I'm working on the To Do I want to remember to stop and say thanks for helping me boys and stop to hug and play with the little ones. I did do that tonight. While Elijah and Zeke were on the field. I spotted Ezra and Josh playing make believe baseball. Josh 2 1/2 would through the fake ball and Ezra 4 would fake bat. I wish I had my video camera on me it was so cute. If you don't here from me I'm in the middle of the move and don't have internet but I will keep everyone posted.

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Mylinda said...

I will be praying for you Amy. I can't imagine all you're going through. I know we all have our "things" to deal with, but the Lord has promised to sustain us. He is our strenght when we are weak. In the meantime, call me if you need some help or kid relief! Love ya!