Thursday, September 3, 2009


Here is Ezra playing outside with everyone. Zeke taking pictures.
Zeke taking one of himself showing off his black eye.

Josh showing off hi weapons.

Josh at the neighborhood park yesturday.

We went on a walk through are neighboring woods.

Elijah and Jo.

Miss JoJo

It tooks us about a week but we got it built and they love there basketball hoop.

JoAnna got a kitchen the other day from a consignment sale. She loves it.

JoAnna just being cute as a button.

There has been alot going on with us. Still looking for a church to call home. Still looking to make new friends. Still working out daily schedule, with school, meals, chores, and time to keep myself sane, and time to work in Daddy time who is on nights right now.

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