Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's that time of year again.

I'm sure having fun looking at everyones plans if you want to see more than just mine take a look at The Homeschool lounge.

I'm having fun planning and getting fresh supplies for our school year this year. I'm eager to go to my first home school support group meeting in our new town. I want so much for Jesus to be honored with our school, day and lives.

We are going to be using Charlotte Mason as the base of you school curriculum. I'm excited about it and think it will help my kids to fall in love with learning and to become life long learners.

  • Our Bible, Geography, and History will be taken from Genesis-Deuteronomy, about Egypt, about our Ancient History.

  • We will be start our year with Astronomy for Science, with many great book, CD, and hands on experience with our new telescope. ( We got it from Costco its from Meade. It amazing last night we looked at Venus.)

  • For science the kids will also have Nature Journals (composition books) and will go on weekly walks to observe and draw what the see.

  • We will be doing a picture study one day a week for six weeks we are starting with Claude Monet's art work.

  • The 2 oldest will be taking piano lessons again.

  • We will be reading out loud and individually lots of living books. Then the children will give oral narrations and the old guys will have to do 1-2 written narrations as well.

  • There is copy work involved.

  • For math we are staying traditional with Saxon and Horizon math but going try to do have kids do hands on math assignments and real life math more often this year.

  • We will also be keeping notebooks. It will helps keep all the work in place and have something to show if anyone comes knocking making sure my kids are learning. I also think it will be a lot of fun.

So that sum's up our school for 2009-2010.


Mylinda said...

Sounds just like what I'm wanting to do! I'm also excited about school, even though Savannah will be homeschooling, too. She's in 11th grade so she'll pretty much be doing all her work on her own...whew! But, I'm really looking forward to the Deering classes we'll be taking beginning in Sept. Hope you have a breeze of a year!! Love ya! :-)

Amy said...

Nice to 'meet' you! Your plans sound a lot like what I had originally imagined for our homeschool. As I did more planning I ended up incorporating a lot of Classical ideas, but I still love the things of Charlotte Mason! Have a great year!