Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Joshy and JoJo, OH how I love thee!

Lots of pictures on this post of my two J.J.'s Josh will be 4 in February.Time sure does fly.
My handsome little tough guy is also sensitive especially to his sister.

JoAnna at Ezra's field trip to the The Little Farm had no fear of the animals she found the farms cat and didn't want to stop follow it.

JoAnna check out the animals.

She feel in love with the toy house they had to play in. She was so happy sitting in them, opening and closing the windows.

This is for you mom. It was cool enough for her to wear the clothes you set.
Isn't she so cute? I can't stand it. :)

A different cool day. She has on the Old Navy sweater you got her, the jean jumper, and those leggings I got on my last visit. More cuteness!

Josh and Jo hand in hand and it was there idea.
My heart is melting.

The pink apple sweat suit. So cute. Yes she is on the patio table.

JoJo enjoying the backyard her favorite place to be.

We are waiting in the car for Elijah and Ezra.

This is the skirt an shirt you sent too Mom. You have such good taste.

JoAnna and Josh have a great time everyday.

I hope they continue you to enjoy each other this much as the grow up together.
I love spending my days with them.
I love you!

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