Thursday, September 4, 2008

School Is Not So Bad After All!

Well its week 3 for my 6th grader and Kindergartner being at school. It has been nice with the house being quieter during the day. I've been able to spend one on one time with Joshy. I've been doing alphabet flash cards with him telling him the letters and sound and he repeats after me. He sometime traces the letters. I'm also able to focus in on Zeke ( I still can't believe his is a fourth grader) and give him one on one attention with his school work. There is even time left for me to do much needed things around the house.
By 1:30 I start watching the clock because I really start missing them. But I feel good that they are their because they enjoy school and Elijah is get challenged and learning to be accountable for his work more than I was able to give him. I do wish they got out earlier and weren't so tired in the evenings but I'm also able to focus in on those two because the other have been with me and have had me attention earlier.
I think what has helped is that they are in a Charter school which you have to apply for. Its publicly funded but since its a Charter School they can set up higher expectations of the kids and parents and enforce these expectations.
Anyway some of my kids went off to school this year and I thought its was the end of the world but guess what it wasn't. It has actually helped my relationship with Elijah and opened up are ability to talk about different things.
Ever family needs to do want they feel God telling them to do with there child's education. I have always taken it year by year and having them is school this year doesn't mean they wont ever be home schooled again. Its just what was right for our family right now.

Have a great day and live in the moments that God gives you and enjoy the journey.

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Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

I really needed to hear this. I'm still waffling on putting the kids in school. Maybe for the second semester. I was planning on calling on Sunday (which is a school day here) and putting them on the waiting list. But my fear...well, let's just say this post was well-timed for me.