Monday, August 25, 2008

2 OF My Kids off to school!

We have two kids is in school now. Ezra started Kindergarten last Wednesday on the first day of school. I have had a hard time letting go but Daddy thinks its best and Ezra is having a lot of fun, I do miss him through out the day though. He loves school, his teacher loves him and says he is so well behaved. Well of course he is. She asked if he went to a private pre-school because he has been so well behaved and knows all of his letters and there sounds and ready to learn more. I said know just home with his mama sitting on her lap learning his letters and being read to.

On Ezra's 1st day we got a phone call from the school that they have an opening for Elijah who is a 6th Grader. After doctors appoints and getting all the right forms he started today. He really liked it and he didn't think he would. He has 4 class on Mon./Wed. and 4 separate classes on Tue./Thur. and all 8 on Friday. The school is small so he just as one hallway to work off of and find his classes. I think school is going to be good for him but its different to only have 3 children home with during the day. I was surprised how well he did considering he has done school on the couch for the last 3 years reading great books, doing math, and lot of exploring. Oh how they grow up.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see that everything is going well. I cant beleive how much they are growing up. I miss you and them very much and hope that everything continues to go smoothly. Love