Saturday, May 3, 2008


Who new. I sure didn't know of all the challenges that lied ahead of me. I've been a mother for 11 years now and still everyday seems like I don't know anything. The babies make your tired but its easy to love, feed, change, and play with them. Toddlers more challenging with potty training testing there boundaries. Its tiring always telling them no but it pays off later. To teach them to listen the first time. Not that my children always listen the first time but most of time. My pre-schoolers are fun time but always want to a project of some sort. I find it hard to find the time. Then there is the elementary age. They can do chores and be very helpful with the younger siblings but are in a new stage of testing there boundaries (how much they can get away with before mom will blow).
I'm very happy to be a mother and love that I have 5 children. I don't like feeling that something didn't get down today or that someone didn't get enough time with me, or that someones needs weren't met. I feel like I've tried different organizing tools but nothing seems help run the day smoother. Even my Monday Menu's are a good plan but this week alone something happened, time flew by and I missed 4 of my planned dinners and had to give the kids sandwiches or resort to fast food. Yuck! I would love any suggestions of running a smooth day for a homeschooling family with 5 children and a husband that works very long days and so leaves Me with very long days on my own.
I want my children to have happy memories with there mom and not just remember me as being a task master that is always frustrated and yelling. Pray for me and offer any advice that you can.
Have a blessed weekend. I'll keep you posted on my progress (on my journey).

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Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Oh, boy, can I relate! And I only have two of similar ages, not 5 so spread out. But it always seemed as though my days slipped by and things always came up that ruined my plans for an orderly day.

I think the best thing is to get on a routine. A loose routine maybe, but some kind of structure. Maybe you could set up one day to be an errand day (I did it on Tuesdays since we would be going out for park anyways). You could do your grocery shopping and any other errands on one day, leaving more time to be home the other days.

The meal plans are good for just that - having a plan. But mine get totally shifted around and sometimes put off too, so don't feel bad. That's just life.

Then I would set up a general time schedule - chores from 8-9, school from 9-12, lunch and straightening up from 12-1, quiet time from 1-2, etc. Just a basic framework to give structure to your day.

My final tip would be to make a list each night (for the next day) or morning (for that day) of the most important things to accomplish. Maybe even rank the top three and focus on getting those done. Then at least you will know you've met your priorities.

It is hard to stick to a schedule with 5 kids, I'm sure, but remember that we are the ones who have to ultimately CHOOSE to be in control. They will learn from us time management, decision-making, priority-setting, etc.

I hope that helps a little bit. I found it did with me. When I feel like I am a little more in control and have made plans to deal with interruptions ahead, then I don't get as frustrated and angry.

Love & miss you!