Monday, May 12, 2008


Ezra will be 5 in July. My kinds and sensitive one.

Josh 3 and really active.

JoAnna 15 months loves the pool.

HI There,

I don't have my Menu planned and up but I have dinner in the croc pot this for this evening Cow boys Casserole, steamed broccollie, and homemade bread. I will figure out the rest of the week this evening. Make sure to check out the . That were I will be getting some more dinner ideas.

I thought I would share some pictures. Our neighbor hood pool opend about a month ago and we have been there 2-3 times a week since. I love having the place mostly to ourselves and the boys getting all there energy out. We usually go 10-noon and then my 3 youngest go down for a naps so I can actually give my schoolaged boys my full attention. As you know if you follow my post I have struggled trying to balance even find the time to school my older boys with my little boys needing me and not playing well on there own. So we will still do school through June and July nothing major just doing some fun hands on Science and History projects and keeping up with Math and Language Arts. One thing about kids, the pool and sunshine my kids seems to growing like weeds.

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Twix said...

I have 5 kids too. They sure grow up fast! Enjoy all the moments you get with them. All mine are preteens and teens and it just seems like yesterday...sigh. :) Have a great week!