Friday, October 12, 2007

Hand Kids 4 years old or younger!

Joshua and Ezra are 18 months apart and get along most of the time. Her they are hugging and turning it into wrestling soon after.

JoAnna's face lights up when her brothers show her some attention. Ezra trully has a soft spot for her. I think they will be close when they are older.

Joshua at 2 1/2 has to get in on some baby sister holding too.

JoAnna showing her support of her brother and wearing her first bit of pink camo.

Her she is supporting her older brothers at ther basaball game.
The kids are just joy when I slow down long enough to play and listen to them. I'm striving to do that more. I know that they are a true gift from God.
Soon I'll post pictures of the Elijah and Zeke.

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