Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday JoAnna!

She's Three!

Happy Birthday JoAnna!
The night before I made the cupcakes and decorated the breakfast area so she could wake up to something special.

Yes another picture of the cupcakes I was so happy the way they turned out.

When she came down and saw it she loved the stars.

JoAnna getting excited.

No talking while mommy's trying to take pictures.

Time to taste the cupcake.

Birthday Girl!

Time for presents.

She loves  the Kia Lan girl and cartoon and is learning many words in Chinesse.
The doll sing and moves and talks.

JoAnna also got a playdough kitchen set and lots of supper cute doll clothes from her Marmy.
As she opend the doll clothes she said "Ahhh Cute".

She also got her own personal table and chairs.
Can you say Tea Party anyone.

Ezra is the best helping JoAnna play with her playdough.

Birthday girl on her thrown. With her favorite baby in one of its new outfits.
Being 3 is fantastic and I look forward to all this year will bring.
Love you JoAnna.


Cousin Heath said...

Wow! I can't believe how big she's getting (the boys too!). It goes by so fast. Saydey will be four in May, and Trajan will be one. You did a great job with those cupcakes. I'll bet the kids love them. It's great to see the pictures, we miss you out here in Arygone, and hope you have a great 2010!

Amy in Peru said...

wow, I was going to say she looks HUGE for 15 months... that's what your THL profile says I think! :) so our kids are a little more off than I thought at first... oh well.

You are totally welcome to visit me at either of my blogs:


amy in peru