Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What Happening!

The picture of the kids on the stone eagle brings back memories. This Eagle is at the D.C. Zoo I have a picute of Elijah, Zeke, and Ezra when he was a 2 months old with this satue when we lived in Frederick Maryland. Know we are back and I can't wait to get a picture with all five kids.

Its amazing how time flies. My baby is doing well and almost fully potty trained which she mastered in just a few days. She is 2 1/2 and is the sunshine of the house. She lets me comb through her curls and put barrettes and pig tails in her hair. To have a little girl that lets me do her hair is one of many simple pleasure that make being a mom so enjoyable.

Ezra is 6 now and seems to have grown and mature so much in just a month I can't imagine what he will be like at his next birthday. He started reading as a Kindergartner but with showing the house so much this spring and the move I haven't had him practicing but then other day he picked a book and started reading, sounding out words, and asking for help when he couldn't get it without getting frustrated. I love that he discovered reading again on his own with no stress, no frustration. He also has taken quiet nicely to being the big brother in charge that Joshua and JoAnna look up to. He got every one cups of milk and a granola bar out this morning while I was still up stairs. He is growing up so fast. He does miss Elijah and Zeke though and I know he will be so happy to have his big brothers back as will the whole family.

Joshua is 4 1/2 and growing up. He loves to be the first one up and get dressed right away and puts his p.j.'s back in the drawer. He is my most active child and seems to love/need order. He looks out for JoAnna but always loves to tease her as well. He recognizes most all his letters and knows most of there sounds as well. He has learned to play well by himself; setting up battles with his toys, building things with Lego's. Just the other day he built a giraffe. It was really cute and he is so proud of it that he has it stashed away somewhere safe.

Elijah and Zeke our starting there last week of a 2 month vacation. None of us knew they would be away that long but they have had a great time with both set of grandparents and have been able to visit extended family and see and do thing they have never done before. I'm ready to have them back and my family whole again though.

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