Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Finding the Good in a Bad Day!

There has been more challenges that usually this last week. The day of all days was last Wednesday. I meet with a real estate agent to put our house on the market which I have never done before the kids were behaved but the meeting went weired. Its the last half of the day the thing became challenging. Elijah had baseball practice, I just dropped him off went home and put dinner in the oven so it would be ready when we got back. Practice went long so we got out to the car to let the little ones run around. Josh had a number 2 accident. Then JoAnna's diaper exploded. Then I went to the car to take care of the diaper and for the first time ever put my keys on the seat instead of in my pocket. I proceeded to lock myself out of the car. I did have quick thinking and called a locksmith. We wanted for 35 minutes for him. The locksmith then took 1 minute to break in and unlock my car and then charge me $156.00. The children had been playing hide-n-seek while we where waiting. Right when the locksmith arrived Josh fell and a broken beer bottle cut his wrist. When we got home dinner was not burned. This is Josh at the ER. He cried when the cut happened but not since. He watched with great interest as they cleaned and bandaged him up. He also didn't flinch when he got a shot.
The good amongst all the craziness. While they were playing hide-n-seek JoAnna kept pointing to the moon. Even lying down on the side walk to look up and point at the moon. When we were walking around waiting for baseball practice to get over in the first place JoAnna would keep galloping. She had a huge smile on her face and her curly hair bounced up and down. It was so cute. So even though everyday has been filled with more challenges than usual. I've tried and had to find the small things in each day that making be a stay at home mom wonderful.

Today we had a showing for the house but they people didn't show. JoAnna fell and cut her lip and I was driving and fighting the feeling of another terrible day approaching I looked in my rear view mirror and saw Ezra raising his hand waving them back and forth to the Praise and Worship song that was playing in the car. I'm so thankful that I spend my day with 5 precious gifts from God that remind me whats really important. Even though Elijah and Zeke broke a window with a baseball this last Saturday. LOL!


Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Oh, Amy, when it rains it pours, right?!! I'm sorry all this happened while Kevin was away, but so happy to hear that you are managing to keep it all in perspective. I hope that Josh heals up quickly!!

Sorry to hear that the people didn't appear for the showing. Unfortunately, some people have no manners!!! Don't they realize how much work you do to prepare for a showing?!?! Speaking from experience here - can you tell? I hope that the house sells quickly and you can join your husband quickly.

Mylinda said...

Oh, Amy, I'm so sorry you had such a yucky day. Man, I've been there. Argh. I wish you would call me, woman!! We need our Christian sisters to lift us up, encourage us, and ease our load. That's our job. But, if you don't ask for help, how will we know?? Call me!! lol I'm close and even have teens who are happy to help out. Anytime.

I missed you at Jerusalem Marketplace. You were in my tribe...Levi. lol Isn't it wonderful when you're having a yucky day to look at the kiddies and see them doing something to just melt your frustrated heart? I just love that. So sweet. They are such a gift, even if they are exhausting sometimes!! lol Hope to see you Tuesday at park. Happy Resurrection Day!