Monday, March 30, 2009

Up To

Well I've survived over a week on my own taking the kids with me everywhere, and locking the house up at night. I have a nice big bed and was looking forward to a few nights with it all to myself but each and every night I have one or more kids end up in my bed in the night. To cute. I haven't had to sleep alone even though I would like to know. Everyone always ends up on the diagonal.

Tonight JoAnna wasn't happy about going to bed and Ezra follows me in to tuck her in for the second time and Ezra says "I know why she is said she thinks she will be alone but she isn't Jesus is in here with her." So I rubbed JoAnna's back and prayed with her and we said good night, shut her door and we haven't heard from. :) Ezra is such a good big brother.

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