Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall brings Change!

Fall is my favorite time of year. Growing up in Oregon I could always count on it being cool in the mornings and still heating up in the afternoons. Then without a moments notice it would stay cool all day and you could plan out cute outfits with sweaters, jackets, and boots.

Then seven years ago I moved to Maryland in January and had the coldest whitest winter I have ever had. I also experienced my first New England fall. Oh my, I fell in love. The cool mornings, warm afternoons, and the changing color of the trees and the leaves falling. I wanted to go for a drive in the countryside every weekend in the fall it was so beautiful.

Now these last four years fall has only brought hurricanes and then less humidity. It sill gets quit hot. Last week it seemed if fall was arriving her in Florida the was a nice breeze, humidity was down, and the temperature was staying in the 80's, and I noticed the air conditioner wasn't coming on as much. This week brought hot temps. and still warm nights.

The Fall means change. I have already rearranged me living room furniture and I have only lived in this house for a year. It means start working on school more. It means holidays are just around the corner. I love Christmas.
It meant that two of my kids were off to school and I'm still not total happy about it. It means our home school group starts meeting again yet I have only been able to make it once.

I felt there was going to be a big change in my household these last 4 months but not what is in store. My hubby has been job hunting and has a few phone interviews and jobs that thought were going to happen and fell through for what ever reason. All the changes that have happened and all that are coming and I don't even no of yet I know I can relax and have all my faith in Jesus. What ever is to come Jesus is enough. (There is a really good article about Is Jesus Enough. You can click on the purple words above to read it.)

Whatever changes are coming for you this fall rest assured that you can always count on Jesus. He will never change!


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Mylinda said...

Thanks for sharing this. Yes, there are always changes and I'm not super great about changes, unfortunately. And, hey, I've missed you at park!! I'm sorry it's at such a bad time. Linda Hill is not making it either because of the little kids in school. I miss you guys! Hope you can make it sometime soon! :-)