Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm Back!

Its been a couple months sense I said I was done blogging. I do miss it and realize that the blog is for me and I don't need to compare my blog to others or post what I think people would want to see and read. Its for me and I want to honor myself and God with what I write and picture.
I have had quite a summer. I lived at the pool most of June with the kids. The first 10 days of July I went to Oregon to be with my mom, dad, and sister. The last one of us got married on July 6. I got to have a break from all my men but it only took a few days for me to miss them. Since I have been back I have been trying to schedule this next year homeschool for my oldest boys and to organize and simplify the running of my house. I feel like my house; laundry, meals, cleaning is running me. I have started something to simplify and hope to share them with you soon.
Remember to enjoy this last month of summer time with your kids before they head off to school or get set into your homeschool routine.

Glad to be back!
Chooseing Joy, Love, and Peace with Jesus!


Anonymous said...

hey Amy

Good I am glad you are still doing this. It really perks me up and makes me happy to see my beautiful nephews and niece :) I hope you are doing well, i think and pray for you every day. Love you!!


Mylinda said...

Yay! I've missed you! I love hearing about all your adventures. And, yes, the blog is as much for you as it is for others. I started mine for my relatives far away, but found I really enjoy going back and reading what happened before. I tend to write things on the blog that I forget...little things. It's really neat. Enjoy it!

Bambi said...

I'm glad you decided to start this again. I love seeing your beautiful children! Have a happy summer ; )

Anonymous said...

That's a neat concept, your underlined thing helped me push a button and get right to it. Thanks!
3 of my kids Pearl 15, Bethany 14 on thursday, and Aaron 20 are in NC at finearts competition.
My son Daniel, 18, is a prodigal son and needs to find God...God will find him ! Appreciate prayer.
Jonathan 22 is home working UR and at a video copy store, and I have the 6 little girls with me.
I still have to have evaluation for homeschool when they get back. Hope to get away somewhere for a few days before PACE starts, and turn OFF cell. Barbara

Coach Heath said...

Hi Amy,

I'm glad you decided to blog again. I get on here periodically just to see how you and the kids are doing. You're very strong and a good mother.

Your extended Oregon family missing you with love,

Coach Cousin Heath