Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Day of School!

Only in South Florida does you first day of school get canceled due to a Hurricane. Her name is Fay and is currently a level 1. Tomorrow Ezra was going to go to Kindergarten. He is so excited but you can see that he is nervous too and is asleep right now. He doesn't even know yet that he can't go. We went to an open house last Friday to meet his teacher and see his classroom. I'm hate to let him go but Kevin thinks it will be good for him and that its a good school. I respecting his wishes and letting him go. I don't care that a storm is approaching I'm glad my boy gets to stay home another day with me. It does wrinkle the plans I had set but that's o.k. I can still get my older boys onto there school work here at the house.
I'll keep you all posted on the storm situation.

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