Friday, May 9, 2008

Good Days and Bad Days!

Today its the first really hot and humid day of the season here in South Florida. It is the beginning of many hot and humid days to come. There are not my favorite days but they keep us inside and is one of the reason I homeschool my kids through the summer. Our winter months are perfect spring days and we spend a lot of time outside in the winter.
Today is also a day that I enjoy the fact that we homeschool because my husband has more week days off than weekend days off and they are all running around the house playing hide and seek. In few days I will again be struggling with why I homeschool. Its especially hard when everyone needs me. Older ones help with an assignments and pre-schools want to do some craft with me and JoJo 15 months toddling around wanting to be were mommy is. There are meals to cook, chores to be done and a hubby thats wants sometime with his wife. Sometime I feel my days would be so much easier to handle if my 2 school aged kids were in school and I could give my day time to the younger ones and in the afternoon time to the older. I know in reality there would be days when I feel like I don't see my older ones at all if they were in school. So I'm learning to give each day to the Lord and those days that I do and ask Him for calmness throughout the day. Everything seems to get done and all the needs met. Everyday I have the choice to give the Lord my day but there are many days I choose not to and it seems nothing gets done and I'm fazzled and cranky at days end. I hope to write about this more and keep you posted on my journey. Now thats its in black in white, written down, I'm feeling more committed to give my day to Jesus becasue He wants to walk with me through mylife and I want to walk with Him.

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