Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I know its been so long since I have last blogged. I would love it to be a daily or even weekly habit. I just seem to have so much going on. I just have a long list of things that millions of mother have but none the less; I've been busy. At the end of each day there seems to be still so much still to do but I'm trying to let those thing go and just reflect on the time during the day I held a child in my arms, read to a child, or helped a child figure out a math problem. I'm trying to end each day relishing in the moments that are so fleeting with my kids and promising to make more and notice more of those moments. My oldest will be 11 yrs. old in April and my youngest is going to be 14 months old this month. The daily going ins of a homeschooling family with 5 children is long and tiring but I plan to make the most of it. With God as my source of strength I know I will make it through each day.
I plan to record my journey on this blog and I hope you will enjoy reading about my life adventure.

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