Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Big Boys!

Elijah and Ezekiel have learned how to play chess this year. Zeke isn't a gracious looser and Elijah ego gets a little bit bigger each time he win. They are two years apart are very competitive with each. This has been one of there harders years Elijah just finishing up 4th grade and Zeke finishing up 2nd. They have fought and argued more this year than an other so far but just last week Elijah came up to me and said " I like Zeke again". Later that day Zeke came up to me and said " I'm getting along with Elijah again". So hopefully they will return to the best bud's they were when they were younger.

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Mylinda said...

Yea, Amy! I'm so excited you started a blog!! Your family's going to love seeing the kids!! It's always fun getting a glimpse into other people's lives. Makes us feel normal!! lol WEll, have fun blogging and I'll talk to you in the blogosphere!
Love ya!
Mylinda :-)